May 07, 2011


I attended a conference Tues-Thurs as an "aide" for a blind friend.  My main job was to help her navigate with her guide dog using verbal cues.  Dazzle went along to help me and it worked out great to wear out both dogs each evening so they would lie quietly through the conference sessions. 

When I first arrived in the very nice hotel room, I put a sheet from home across the bed to keep dog hair off the bed.  Unfortunately, Dazzle immediately gravitated to the pile of pillows!  Those pillows were quickly removed and stowed in the closet to be replaced with the pillow I brought from home.  Good thing too, the pillows on the bed were WAY too soft for me.
Dazzle and his girlfriend started with the play sessions as soon as the doors connecting our rooms was opened.  My bed seemed to be the favorite wrestling spot.  Thankfully they both play silently.
 Love nibbles
 Getting tired, so they play while lying down :-)
He is SUCH a tease! (But he does let her get an end so they can play tug too)
 Tired, happy dogs

My only regret is that I caught a bug of some sort that started as a sore throat and has been living in my sinuses in the form of congestion and pressure.  I spent most of yesterday in bed or sleeping on the couch trying to get rid of the fever.  I feel a little better today, but I'm still rather stuffy.

I had signed up for a frisbee event for today, but I don't feel well enough to attend :-(  Sorry Dazzle