September 15, 2011

Broken toe?

I took Dazzle to the vet for a swelling on his toe.  It didn't seem to be bothering him in the least (no licking it or limping) even after hard exercise. But it felt hard so I wanted to get it checked.  X-rays revealed a small sliver of bone (or maybe arthritis build up) had broken off. It is floating next to the side of his foot and is surrounded by the swelling.  I was really surprized at that since even when the vet was moving it around he didn't really react.  Since it doesn't seem to be bothering him, he was ok'd for Agility practice and classes.

The vet said that he will likely develop some calcification or scar tissue around it that will be permament. He did show some other arthritis on the same side of his foot, but in the higher joint.  No idea what he's doing that is putting more wear on the inside edge of his foot. 

September 11, 2011

IDPA pistol match

Ok, so not dog related like my usual posts, but still loads of fun! I attended and participated in my first International Defensive Pistol Association match today in Oxford OH. 

It started with check-in and paying $15, then a brief safety talk for anyone new to IDPA (there were several new people today).  Then we got assigned to a 15 person group. Some clubs, from what I understand, have new shooters shoot a few targets just to check that the person understands how to handle a gun safely and can follow directions. 

As people arrived and got checked in, each group formed and once a group was complete, they were assigned a station to start on. 

There were 7 stations, each with a different scenario (video below).  Each group rotated counter-clockwise through the stations.  Each station has a description describing what needs to be done at the station. You can click on the photos below to enlarge them.

 Each person took a turn shooting the station based on the way they felt was the best way to accomplish the goal within the scenario parameters.  For example, some people started on the right side, others on the left (when there was an option).

It was a "cold" range, meaning no one had a loaded gun until it was their turn to shoot and the safety officer told them to load.  Some stations designated how many rounds could be loaded (to force  the shooter to do magazine changes) and others were open to the max number of rounds (10 rounds per magazine).  For the folks using revolvers, they were always fully loaded up to 6 rounds. Any gun that can reasonably be used for concealed carry is allowed.  The holster also needs to be able to be used for concealed carry and the holster/gun should be concealed at the start of most senarios.

The first station (which I didn't get on video) simulated 2 bad guys breaking into your yard pointing guns at you while you enjoyed your morning coffee.  It was started with the shooter seated at a table with the gun on the table.  The shooter had to start with a cell phone in the left hand and cup of coffee (empty) in their right hand.  At the start sound, those items get dropped and the shooter picks up the gun off the table to engage 4 targets.  The first round has the shooter engage 2 of the targets with their strong hand only.  The second round is engaging 2 different targets with both hands on the gun.

After all shooters complete each station, the group moves (all together) to the next station in the rotation until all the stations have been completed.  There were 4 groups today, so about 60 shooters.  I mostly only met the folks in my group, but it was a great group of folks.  Very supportive and encouraging of each other.  Dan and Cheryl were my mentors and answered all my questions about the rules and proceedures.

The weather cooperated too. 68-78 and sunny.  The storm clouds were just starting to move in as we were finishing up (about 1:45pm).  I'm definitely hooked!  I sure hope the weather is as nice next month! 

VIDEO: Several of the IDPA stations