February 21, 2010

1st Rally Advanced leg!

Dazzle and I went to the Hamilton AKC Rally trial today and managed to get the first of three Qualifying rounds (legs) needed!  It wasn't a pretty run, but he DID do well on the move to front we have worked so hard on. :-)  His brain just wasn't in it today and he seemed stressed out for some reason.  Sniffing, stress yawns, etc.  I went in the ring expecting and envisioning that we would do really well, but I could tell as soon as I got in the ring that wasn't going to be the case.  With the judge's permission, I tried going out and coming back in, which worked for a few seconds, but then he was off in la la land again, so that raised my stress levels.  So maybe he was picking up on my stress, which got worse as his heeling and attention deteriorated.  

He was fine outside the ring. There was a pro photographer there, but none of the photos were good enough to purchase (through no fault of the photographer!)  We squeaked by with an 85. 

I have some ideas about what I want to do to better prepare him for future off-leash runs.  So we'll see if that helps. 

February 16, 2010

When will it end?

I am SO ready for this snow to end!  We were under a level 3 snow emergency yesterday (not allowed on the road).  Not that we could have been on the road if we WANTED to be!
Here is Dazzle next to the snow on our road.  They used a front end loader to plow the road!  There is still an inch or two of packed snow he is standing on before you get to pavement. I added a piece of wood on top because I wasn't sure the camera would pick up the top edge of the snow against the sky. Dazzle is 24" tall at the shoulder.
When they finally cleared our road, we thought maybe we had a chance to get out, but this is what the end of our driveway looked like from the road. I dug out a spot for Dazzle so you could see how deep it is!
We had to hire a snow plow to clear our driveway
Here's Dazzle up on the plow drift. I took some video and it ended with him here, so I told him to wait while I switched cameras and snapped a still photo :-) See the video below.
One of the results of the plowing of our driveway, but not the deepest part.
Our front yard. The bottom of the windows are above my waist, almost to mid-chest just to give you an idea of how deep it is! The raised porch isn't quite as deep. But I don't think we'll be getting any UPS deliveries anytime soon!
Drifts at the front of the house.  The "shallow" snow at the bottom of the photo is still over a foot deep.
VIDEO: Dazzle in the deep snow

February 11, 2010

We can get out!

YEA!!!!  We can get out of the driveway again!  They plowed our road- finally- and Mike and I took turns working on the driveway, so we're free!  Really sore, but free! At least until more snow gets dumped this weekend. On our road they used a front end loader, (but not the mega-size one) followed by a regular plow. The snow was deeper than the bucket of the loader in most places, but it got through the really deep stuff so the plow could get the rest in a few passes. .

Our road
Once we could get out, Mike went to the store and got groceries for us and the neighbor (her long driveway is not plowed.) He rigged up an old pool to help get all the groceries over to her in one trip through the deep snow. We considered hooking up Dazzle and letting him pull the groceries, but decided we didn't want to be collecting them from all over the yard! LOL  He did try to pull the rope with his teeth, but it was getting out of hand so Mike took over.


February 10, 2010

Bored Malinois?

How do you know when your Malinois is bored?...

VIDEO: Jolly Ball as a squeek toy
Sorry for the poor lighting, our floor lamp broke, so all we have is the overhead light, which isn't very strong.  I brightened it as much as I could.

Even more snow!

Great big flakes fell and the wind was howling all night.  The drifts created in the yard and across the road are amazing.  Several feet deep in places! At least Dazzle is having fun.  As long as the power stays on and no hospital or vet visits are needed we're good :-)
This weird snow drift was created in the back yard.  It's really long (most of the yard), over 2' high and has a relatively sharp drop off.  Really odd that it would form on flat ground like this.  It was dazzle's new toy today!  He would go running outside and just bust into it, bury his head and bust out again.

Putting his toy on it then pouncing was fun too!

More snow is predicted for the weekend- oh joy.
VIDEO: Dazzle playing in the snow yesterday and today with a cameo by King.

February 06, 2010

Snow - again

Can we go out and play? Puleeese?!
It snowed last night and more this morning. It was a heavy wet snow, but still managed to drift quite high (about 3' up against the dog door!) The dogs tried to push their door open this morning and then looked at Mike like "ah, dad?  We're stuck!"
Mike tried to get out this morning and ended up getting his vehicle stuck in the street.  So I went out and did what I could to help him get at least into the start of the neighbor's driveway and off the road (she doesn't drive and won't mind and her driveway doesn't have as much of a hill as ours).  So at least when they get around to plowing our road, they won't bury his vehicle!
Looks like we're stuck for awhile. 
Here's the driveway:
It's about 100' long, would you want to shovel this?
Dazzle tried to help

He was having fun catching the snow Mike was dumping on him LOL

Our road is somewhere in front of the tallest clump of grass under 2' of snow drift in some places
The trees are pretty- Just hope the power stays on! It's been flickering and went out briefly yesterday.  There is a lot of ice on the lines and branches and it's windy.  Not a good combo.
Thankfully this much snow is rare here.  Ice is more common.  But at times like these, it makes me wish we had a plow or snow blower!  The last time we got dumped on with snow, they had to use an oversized front-end loader to clear it from the road because there was 4-5 feet drifted over the road!  The snow during that storm was level with the back of the pick-up truck! Glad it wasn't that bad this time.  But it's supposed to stay cold, so this isn't going to melt away anytime soon. :-(
Splash has the right idea- find a warm place and curl up to wait!
This box is only 9"W x 8"D x 5"H but she seems to enjoy squeezing herself into it :-) She really is mostly fur.