February 16, 2010

When will it end?

I am SO ready for this snow to end!  We were under a level 3 snow emergency yesterday (not allowed on the road).  Not that we could have been on the road if we WANTED to be!
Here is Dazzle next to the snow on our road.  They used a front end loader to plow the road!  There is still an inch or two of packed snow he is standing on before you get to pavement. I added a piece of wood on top because I wasn't sure the camera would pick up the top edge of the snow against the sky. Dazzle is 24" tall at the shoulder.
When they finally cleared our road, we thought maybe we had a chance to get out, but this is what the end of our driveway looked like from the road. I dug out a spot for Dazzle so you could see how deep it is!
We had to hire a snow plow to clear our driveway
Here's Dazzle up on the plow drift. I took some video and it ended with him here, so I told him to wait while I switched cameras and snapped a still photo :-) See the video below.
One of the results of the plowing of our driveway, but not the deepest part.
Our front yard. The bottom of the windows are above my waist, almost to mid-chest just to give you an idea of how deep it is! The raised porch isn't quite as deep. But I don't think we'll be getting any UPS deliveries anytime soon!
Drifts at the front of the house.  The "shallow" snow at the bottom of the photo is still over a foot deep.
VIDEO: Dazzle in the deep snow