July 25, 2012

Week 29- Dog Scout camp

Another great week at Dog Scout camp!  Dazzle had a lot of fun and earned two new badges (Sign Language- responding to American Sign Language cues and Treibball- ball herding).  He also got to spend a lot of time at the pond and did some digging in the play yard. 

I took some video, but haven't gotten that edited yet.  I'll upload it when I get it done and get it on YouTube.

Dock Diving Dazzle:

Waiting for the cue to jump.  I couldn't have gotten the photos above without his rock solid stay!

Big Splash! It amazes me how he can keep his head above water during the landing.

Water wings

I put him on a stay to my left, threw the ball to my right and gave the release cue when I was ready with the camera.

"Can we go back to the pond mom?  Pleeeeease"


Water fun at the dog beach

Water race!

Another race for the toy. Dazzle cheated and used the dock to get farther faster LOL

Time for a good roll. It was dusk, so the camera didn't do a very good job at catching his fast motion in low light.


Sandy face

Good stick

How to bury a Puggle

I kept expecting her to fall in, but he went around her in his search for roots to pull out of the ground.

"Coming mom!"

Too fast to capture with the shutter

Playtime Sunday morning after camp was over

Tug with Charlie

Tired dog- he slept all the way home. Only getting up briefly (bleary eyed) for a potty break.  It IS possible to wear out a Malinois!
Yes, I took a photo while driving. But I did it by holding the camera up and shooting blindly over my shoulder so I didn't take my eyes off the road. Not bad for a guess at where the camera was aimed :-) It was even my first and only shot at it.

After camp, I collected all the badges and other items for my new job.  I will be processing badge forms and mailing out the patches/badges for Dog Scouts of America.  So I have my new work space all set up and ready to go now! Each container on the shelf is a different badge. 

July 11, 2012

Week 28

This week has thankfully been much cooler (back to more normal summer temps) and today is really perfect so far!  Just came in from some Treibball practice (ball herding). We are up to three balls and I think Dazzle will be ready to earn the Novice Treibball badge at camp.  

Yesterday Dazzle and I went to the new kayak/canoe launch area at the local park and he enjoyed some time swimming while I got several photos. 

Last week, the Flickr photo group had a "water" challenge, but I had already posted the 4th of July photo before I saw that it was a challenge week.  So I decided to do the challenge this week!  The Facebook group had a challenge to use a quote, so I combined the two challenges. :-)

Dazzle impressed several passers by with his ability to stay while I tossed the ball and got myself into position for the shot.  When I told him he could get the ball, he would take off like a rabbit and run down the bank to leap into the water.
Here I wanted a portrait shot by the reeds.  He is waiting to be told he can go get the ball in the water :-)

Taking a break for a close-up

Another set-up portrait

July 05, 2012

Week 27- Happy 4th of July!

Week 27 (of the 52 weeks of photos) took place over the 4th of July, so that influenced my photo this week.  I wanted to get a photo of Dazzle holding flags while trotting between two decorations, but it didn't go as planned.  The flags were too light and flew backwards and were not visible in the photos.

So I took a break and tried to add some wire to hold the flags down, but no luck.  This was the only passable one (out of many attempts).

Given that it was literally about 100 degrees, with high humidity, both Dazzle and I were VERY hot.  I was ready to get whatever shot I could and ended up going with a stationary shot. Dazzle was so hot by that point, he was no longer willing to hold the flags, especially when he could just let the bar rest behind his teeth :-)  Oh well... It looks more like he's smiling this way :-) Likely as he was plotting my demise.  Happy Independence Day!