July 05, 2012

Week 27- Happy 4th of July!

Week 27 (of the 52 weeks of photos) took place over the 4th of July, so that influenced my photo this week.  I wanted to get a photo of Dazzle holding flags while trotting between two decorations, but it didn't go as planned.  The flags were too light and flew backwards and were not visible in the photos.

So I took a break and tried to add some wire to hold the flags down, but no luck.  This was the only passable one (out of many attempts).

Given that it was literally about 100 degrees, with high humidity, both Dazzle and I were VERY hot.  I was ready to get whatever shot I could and ended up going with a stationary shot. Dazzle was so hot by that point, he was no longer willing to hold the flags, especially when he could just let the bar rest behind his teeth :-)  Oh well... It looks more like he's smiling this way :-) Likely as he was plotting my demise.  Happy Independence Day!