July 11, 2012

Week 28

This week has thankfully been much cooler (back to more normal summer temps) and today is really perfect so far!  Just came in from some Treibball practice (ball herding). We are up to three balls and I think Dazzle will be ready to earn the Novice Treibball badge at camp.  

Yesterday Dazzle and I went to the new kayak/canoe launch area at the local park and he enjoyed some time swimming while I got several photos. 

Last week, the Flickr photo group had a "water" challenge, but I had already posted the 4th of July photo before I saw that it was a challenge week.  So I decided to do the challenge this week!  The Facebook group had a challenge to use a quote, so I combined the two challenges. :-)

Dazzle impressed several passers by with his ability to stay while I tossed the ball and got myself into position for the shot.  When I told him he could get the ball, he would take off like a rabbit and run down the bank to leap into the water.
Here I wanted a portrait shot by the reeds.  He is waiting to be told he can go get the ball in the water :-)

Taking a break for a close-up

Another set-up portrait