November 28, 2010

cute photo

I was updating the DSA website and needed a photo of a dog reading a newspaper, so I created one!

I think it really turned out cute!
This is the website page where it's featured:

November 27, 2010

Ready for Christmas

Spent some time with the hubby tonight listening to Christmas carols and decorating for the holidays.

Left to right:
Buster - 14 years old next March
Coyote - 11 in January
Bear - Just turned 7
King - 12 in February
Dazzle - 2.5 years old
Not in the photo: Splash cat - 10 yrs old

Merry Christmas everyone!

November 20, 2010

Agility Practice

Dazzle's agility practice is coming along nicely!  I went in the ring on the second run through and got some photos.  I really wanted some photos of Daz over jumps, since his jumping has gotten SO much better!  But my camera has WAY too much delay for that.  I pushed the button when he was over the first jump and 3 jumps later, the camera finally snapped the photo! Of course it was the only bar he took down. :-)  Maybe because of the flash?

And I learned I need to stay off the course because at one point, I was right in front of the obstacle he needed to take!  Ooops!

Oh well, I'm glad he's doing well and lovin' the course running. I think he understands that Sarah is the one he runs agility with now.

Instead of getting the jumps, I ended up getting the "longer" obstacles.

November 14, 2010

Video of new ball machine

Today is chilly, but sunny.  We had rain last night so that's the water you see on the patio.  I set-up the ball machine again and got some video of Dazzle playing with it.  I think he really likes the anticipation as the machine "winds up".

VIDEO: Playing with GoDogGo (:30 sec.)

The gate is to keep the other dogs from sticking their nose into (or getting their body in front of) the throwing area. Especially Coyote who has trouble seeing.  I don't want them to accidently get hit by a fast moving ball.  It also prevents Dazzle from trying to get the ball out of the thrower base when it's winding up.  He hadn't tried to do that, but it prevents him from trying.

I also got him using it with me inside- YEA!!!  Gonna love this even more when it gets frigid outside :-)

November 13, 2010

New Toy

I got Dazzle a used GoDogGo automatic ball throwing machine today.  I didn't get back home till after dark, but I set it up and had it do a few throws off our patio.  Dazzle figured out that he should drop the ball in the bucket right from the start.  By the 5th or 6th throw, he was backing up to the catch point to wait for it. LOL  I can see this getting a LOT of use in the coming months! Hopefully it works with balls covered in frozen slobber :-) 
I'll try to get some video tomorrow if it's not raining. 
To see how it works, visit the website:

November 10, 2010

Busy day!

It was too nice of a day to spend inside, so Dazzle and I went to the park where he pulled me on the bike.  After the ride, I found a shady spot on a slight hill where I sat to throw his ball for him with the chuck-it.  I had planned to let him rest till agility practice, but the neighbor decided to do some target shooting.  So I took advantage of the gun shots and got out the bite sleeve.  Each time he fired (about once every 30-60 seconds) Dazzle got to bite the sleeve.  We were both tired by the time the guy called it quits.

Daz took a short nap before dinner, then we went to agility practice where he and Sarah had 2 nice runs on a difficult course.  He needs a bit of work on obstacle descrimination, but his jump bars are staying up now!  All the work we put in with the cavaletti and jump exercises is paying off!  He did a good job on his contacts too. I forgot to take the video camera, but Dazzle did both runs with me completely outside the ring gate.  He looked my way a few times to make sure I wasn't going to run off, but went right back to work.  I think he's learning the routine now.

November 08, 2010

All dogs adopted

All the dogs seized in the hoarding case (36 chihuahuas and 1 elderly Beagle) went to new, approved homes on Saturday within 2.5 hours!  The only one left (a brindle lab mix) is not up for adoption at the moment because she is nursing her new puppies, but she is in a foster home and will be adopted once the pups are weaned.  Tri-State CART and all the other folks and agencies that helped are awsome!

November 05, 2010

update on hoarding situation

The hoarder has signed over the dogs to the Brown County animal shelter so they can be adopted!

The dogs have been spayed/neutered and will be available for adoption tomorrow morning. More info and photos of the dogs can be found at:

The case has been kept in the news and at least 2 of the TV stations have been doing on-going reports on the progress of the case.  Hopefully lots of good people will show up to adopt the dogs.  The animal shelter has been screening potential adopters and anyone showing up tomorrow needs to bring photo ID, the name and number of their vet and the $100 adoption fee.

November 02, 2010

Death of a pumpkin

Today Dazzle got to try his paw at carving a pumpkin of his own since he was the only one that showed interest in the whole pumpkin (organic, grown by the friend of a club member). 

He grabbed it and ran around the yard like he had a brand new toy:

 I called him back:

He settled down with it, making sure it wasn't trying to get away:

That's a mouthful of pumpkin!
He found out he could bite into it and the carnage began... 

The first cuts:

Paw for leverage:

What's IN there?! Eewww, it's squishy!

He didn't like the squishy middle so he started working on the other end:

Big bite:

Another mouthful

What if I pick it up and shake it?

Almost done...

Finishing up the last details...

Voila!  One pumpkin carved by a Malinois!

Then he brought in some of his prize to work on it further

I made sure all the dogs got some. Coyote was not willing to share no matter how much Buster begged
Buster was devouring it like he had not eaten in a month- really loved it!  Coyote only ate it so the others dogs wouldn't get it.  Bear and King seemed to like their pieces.  Dazzle liked the carving more than the eating, but did eat a bit.

All in all, a successful day after halloween :-)

November 01, 2010

Another Halloween party

Tonight was a Halloween party at the training club.  There were agility run throughs with a Halloween theme and a Rally course decorated for the holiday.  I had Dazzle in his Police K-9 costume shown in the previous post and Bear as the "Conservative Canine- Right Wing Attack Dog". Both had fun and Dazzle actually placed in the rally competition!  I was very proud of how well Bear did with the Agility and Rally considering he hasn't really had any practice for about 2.5 years! :-O

The costumes in the contest were AWESOME!  I took pictures of each contestant (I think, I hope I didn't miss anyone).

My Beagle Bear (Baron von Beaglestein):

Haunted rally course:

Each sign/station had decorations:

Pumpkins with witch hats were used for the spiral:

Another Bear as a Bee:

Bed Bug and victim:

Biker Dude:

Joker and convict:

Bumble Bee Shelties:

Skeleton and convict:

 Another view of the cowboy:

 Another cowboy- with gun, chaps and boots with spurs!

Another cowboy- popular theme!

Egyptian Princess and detective:

Headless horseman with pumpkin Doxies in the background:

Duke from Bush's Baked Beans:


I'm pretty sure this is a "clown", but I prefer to call it a "Party Poodle" :-)

Hard to see, but it's a cow costume:
 And housemate piglet:

Pumpkin head and witch:

Pumpkin Schip

Pumpkin Springer:

Hunting Rabbit caught a hound!


Schnauzer creatures:

School Girl:


Super Lab:

Team mates:

Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Cat in a hat:


Wizard with his black cat:

Judges deliberate (Glad I didn't have THEIR job!!):