November 20, 2010

Agility Practice

Dazzle's agility practice is coming along nicely!  I went in the ring on the second run through and got some photos.  I really wanted some photos of Daz over jumps, since his jumping has gotten SO much better!  But my camera has WAY too much delay for that.  I pushed the button when he was over the first jump and 3 jumps later, the camera finally snapped the photo! Of course it was the only bar he took down. :-)  Maybe because of the flash?

And I learned I need to stay off the course because at one point, I was right in front of the obstacle he needed to take!  Ooops!

Oh well, I'm glad he's doing well and lovin' the course running. I think he understands that Sarah is the one he runs agility with now.

Instead of getting the jumps, I ended up getting the "longer" obstacles.