November 14, 2010

Video of new ball machine

Today is chilly, but sunny.  We had rain last night so that's the water you see on the patio.  I set-up the ball machine again and got some video of Dazzle playing with it.  I think he really likes the anticipation as the machine "winds up".

VIDEO: Playing with GoDogGo (:30 sec.)

The gate is to keep the other dogs from sticking their nose into (or getting their body in front of) the throwing area. Especially Coyote who has trouble seeing.  I don't want them to accidently get hit by a fast moving ball.  It also prevents Dazzle from trying to get the ball out of the thrower base when it's winding up.  He hadn't tried to do that, but it prevents him from trying.

I also got him using it with me inside- YEA!!!  Gonna love this even more when it gets frigid outside :-)