November 02, 2010

Death of a pumpkin

Today Dazzle got to try his paw at carving a pumpkin of his own since he was the only one that showed interest in the whole pumpkin (organic, grown by the friend of a club member). 

He grabbed it and ran around the yard like he had a brand new toy:

 I called him back:

He settled down with it, making sure it wasn't trying to get away:

That's a mouthful of pumpkin!
He found out he could bite into it and the carnage began... 

The first cuts:

Paw for leverage:

What's IN there?! Eewww, it's squishy!

He didn't like the squishy middle so he started working on the other end:

Big bite:

Another mouthful

What if I pick it up and shake it?

Almost done...

Finishing up the last details...

Voila!  One pumpkin carved by a Malinois!

Then he brought in some of his prize to work on it further

I made sure all the dogs got some. Coyote was not willing to share no matter how much Buster begged
Buster was devouring it like he had not eaten in a month- really loved it!  Coyote only ate it so the others dogs wouldn't get it.  Bear and King seemed to like their pieces.  Dazzle liked the carving more than the eating, but did eat a bit.

All in all, a successful day after halloween :-)