November 01, 2010

Another Halloween party

Tonight was a Halloween party at the training club.  There were agility run throughs with a Halloween theme and a Rally course decorated for the holiday.  I had Dazzle in his Police K-9 costume shown in the previous post and Bear as the "Conservative Canine- Right Wing Attack Dog". Both had fun and Dazzle actually placed in the rally competition!  I was very proud of how well Bear did with the Agility and Rally considering he hasn't really had any practice for about 2.5 years! :-O

The costumes in the contest were AWESOME!  I took pictures of each contestant (I think, I hope I didn't miss anyone).

My Beagle Bear (Baron von Beaglestein):

Haunted rally course:

Each sign/station had decorations:

Pumpkins with witch hats were used for the spiral:

Another Bear as a Bee:

Bed Bug and victim:

Biker Dude:

Joker and convict:

Bumble Bee Shelties:

Skeleton and convict:

 Another view of the cowboy:

 Another cowboy- with gun, chaps and boots with spurs!

Another cowboy- popular theme!

Egyptian Princess and detective:

Headless horseman with pumpkin Doxies in the background:

Duke from Bush's Baked Beans:


I'm pretty sure this is a "clown", but I prefer to call it a "Party Poodle" :-)

Hard to see, but it's a cow costume:
 And housemate piglet:

Pumpkin head and witch:

Pumpkin Schip

Pumpkin Springer:

Hunting Rabbit caught a hound!


Schnauzer creatures:

School Girl:


Super Lab:

Team mates:

Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Cat in a hat:


Wizard with his black cat:

Judges deliberate (Glad I didn't have THEIR job!!):