October 30, 2010

Halloween Party

This evening Dazzle and I attended a doggie Halloween party at a friend's house.  Dazzle had a BLAST!

Here is his costume:
Initial greetings:

Dazzle likes Jack, one of the few dogs his size :-) :

Bernese Bat:

 Schip Bat:


Team Corgi:

Dazzle and the Corgi mob:

Dazzle just before a play bow and race around the yard:

Pixie dances in costume:

Lap Warmers:

After quite a bit of play, Dazzle found a chew bone and went off by the fire to work on it.  I think he ate 3 or 4 of them before we left :-)

Attendees on the deck:

Tired Pugs:

In the living room (you can see just a bit of Dazzle's tail bottom of the photo):

Dazzle and his girlfriend Tess just before a double play bow:

Tess play bow:

Racing around the living room/ dining room with Corgi referees:

Dazzle is actually sleeping now :-)  We have another party to attend on Monday.