October 14, 2010

Another hoarding case

I have spent the last 3 days helping with another hoarding case.  This time, 38 dogs in a house in Brown Co. http://www.local12.com/guides/petcare/story/Dozens-Of-Dogs-Found-In-Vacant-Brown-County-Home/vmUi9Or3U0C6FZWRABYwSA.cspx

They were in really disgusting conditions, but all are warm, clean, vet checked and fed now.  I clipped the nails of all but a few of them as the vets were checking them, so I probably clipped about 480 nails in the 9 or so hours it took to vet check, vaccinate, etc. all of them!  Their nails were like daggars (or swords!) and one dog had nails so long they curled into the pads of his feet.

Mostly I was in charge of documenting the conditions of the house and the dogs with a camera. Some of the things I saw I could have easily lived without ever having seen!  But knowing the dogs that survived are all doing well makes it all worth it. Wednesday I spent the day re-sizing photos and putting them on the http://www.tristatecart.com/ website.

The owner was charged this morning, but we haven't heard yet if the dogs will be released for adoption or held as "evidence".

Today and tomorrow I'll spend cleaning the house to prep for the troop party here this weekend.