October 22, 2010

Rally Excellent

Well, I screwed up!  Dazzle had a WONDERFUL run, but I forgot to remove the tag on his collar!  This means that instead of getting a 97 and 1st place, we didn't qualify.  Lesson learned!  THAT won't happen again!  I had someone get video, but I haven't had time to look at it and still need to edit and upload it.  The photographer knows me and said he got photos of us, so I'm looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.  But will have to wait till next month to buy any.  We'll get up early so we can go back tomorrow to try again.  Hopefully he does as well and I don't do anything stupid again :-)

Instead of going all the way home for 2 hours then back out again, we putzed around for awhile till it was time for Agility practice.  Sarah had 2 good run through's with Dazzle while I got video.  He was a little concerned on the first run when I stayed outside the ring, but did fine.  The second run I went into the ring so he could concentrate better.  We'll have to work more on my being outside the ring, but I don't think it will take much for him to get used to that.