About Dazzle

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog!  My name is Loup Noir Jasper, but everyone calls me Dazzle.  I was born in Indianapolis Indiana.   At 9 weeks old, Chris came to get me and it's been loads of fun since!   
My training started at the breeder's house and Chris continued the training, starting on the day I arrived.  We love to train, so she is always teaching me new things using a little clicker device and toys or treats.

My favorite things...

I love the snow and if it has snowed overnight, I prefer to go out to play instead of eating my breakfast.  Finding the toys that have been buried calls for a celebration lap of the yard at top speed! This was 2.5' deep snow! It was SO fun!!

I also love sand. I get to attend Dog Scout camp every summer because Chris works at the camp.  It is SO much fun!  Here I am digging in the "doggie dune" in the play yard:

I also LOVE to do lure coursing.  Now that UKC (and AKC) has opened the sport to any breed, I got my title in one weekend at the UKC Nationals.  I might be the very first Malinois to get their new title!

I LOVE any water activity- swimming, water racing, dock diving or just trying to sink my ball in my pool at home

In dock diving competition, I have jumped 18' 10"!  Mom says I can jump farther if I don't jump flat, but I just want to get straight to the toy!

Agility is another favorite of mine.  Mom can't run, so a friend helps me through the courses while mom watches from the sideline.  Jumps and the teeter are my favorites.

My indestructible egg is AWESOME!!

Chris, my favorite human, likes to do rally and so far I have my Rally Excellent title in AKC as well as other rally venue titles. Now that rally has a jump, I guess it's fun. Those bowls are mighty temping though, especially when there is a toy!

I have earned lots of ribbons and titles that make mom happy, but she's happy even if we don't get a ribbon.

This past October I discovered I really like pumpkins! Shredding them!

I like other dogs and enjoy having my doggie friends visit us for Dog Scout parties

The sprinkler?  Oh, that's evil and must die!

At home, I'm a very good "watch dog".  I love to watch everything that goes on outside the house and my job is to keep all birds off our lawn.

I'm also mom's Service Dog and help her in many ways.  We go lots of cool places together.  But I think shopping is really BORING!

Mom says I'm very expressive and good at communicating.  I think humans are dense and only understand obvious signals... "It's right THERE!  Now just THROW IT!"

"Mom, I'm thirsty!" (I won't drink out of the water bowl the other dogs used)

Chris also says I'm scary smart.  Don't tell her, but when she's away, I read all her books.

I look forward to learning lots of new things and spending as much time as possible with my favorite human.