January 07, 2013

The saga continues

I have been looking for a new way to continue Dazzle's blog since I ran out of space on blogger and I guess it will be Wordpress. While not as fancy and without as many "bells and whistles" it will get the job done. Also, I finally found out how much space I have on there for free (3 MB) and what happens if I run out.

On blogger, to get more space it was $2.50 per month for the rest of your life. If you want to stop paying, your blog had to be deleted and I know I wouldn't want to lose all that content. Something they count on, I'm sure.

On Wordpress, It's $20 a year for 10 additional MB and if I need to stop paying, the content already loaded stays, I just can't add anything additional till I pay again. A much more realistic sounding option (and cheaper than blogger).

So here I go, starting the next chapter of blogging. I hope you'll join me for this continued ride.
View the new blog at: http://doggonehappy2.wordpress.com/ and be sure to bookmark it!