February 11, 2010

We can get out!

YEA!!!!  We can get out of the driveway again!  They plowed our road- finally- and Mike and I took turns working on the driveway, so we're free!  Really sore, but free! At least until more snow gets dumped this weekend. On our road they used a front end loader, (but not the mega-size one) followed by a regular plow. The snow was deeper than the bucket of the loader in most places, but it got through the really deep stuff so the plow could get the rest in a few passes. .

Our road
Once we could get out, Mike went to the store and got groceries for us and the neighbor (her long driveway is not plowed.) He rigged up an old pool to help get all the groceries over to her in one trip through the deep snow. We considered hooking up Dazzle and letting him pull the groceries, but decided we didn't want to be collecting them from all over the yard! LOL  He did try to pull the rope with his teeth, but it was getting out of hand so Mike took over.