February 06, 2010

Snow - again

Can we go out and play? Puleeese?!
It snowed last night and more this morning. It was a heavy wet snow, but still managed to drift quite high (about 3' up against the dog door!) The dogs tried to push their door open this morning and then looked at Mike like "ah, dad?  We're stuck!"
Mike tried to get out this morning and ended up getting his vehicle stuck in the street.  So I went out and did what I could to help him get at least into the start of the neighbor's driveway and off the road (she doesn't drive and won't mind and her driveway doesn't have as much of a hill as ours).  So at least when they get around to plowing our road, they won't bury his vehicle!
Looks like we're stuck for awhile. 
Here's the driveway:
It's about 100' long, would you want to shovel this?
Dazzle tried to help

He was having fun catching the snow Mike was dumping on him LOL

Our road is somewhere in front of the tallest clump of grass under 2' of snow drift in some places
The trees are pretty- Just hope the power stays on! It's been flickering and went out briefly yesterday.  There is a lot of ice on the lines and branches and it's windy.  Not a good combo.
Thankfully this much snow is rare here.  Ice is more common.  But at times like these, it makes me wish we had a plow or snow blower!  The last time we got dumped on with snow, they had to use an oversized front-end loader to clear it from the road because there was 4-5 feet drifted over the road!  The snow during that storm was level with the back of the pick-up truck! Glad it wasn't that bad this time.  But it's supposed to stay cold, so this isn't going to melt away anytime soon. :-(
Splash has the right idea- find a warm place and curl up to wait!
This box is only 9"W x 8"D x 5"H but she seems to enjoy squeezing herself into it :-) She really is mostly fur.