September 30, 2008

Doing better

Dazzle seems to be feeling better. Still sleeping a good bit, but looks like he's feeling better when he's awake. We went and sat in the yard for awhile and he played with anything he could find- leaves, corn husks, grass and of course toys. He even went all the way across the 3/4 acre yard to get a drink from the baby pool all by himself.

He left me a pile a bit ago (outside thankfully) that was still un-formed, but at least it's not all liquid. Sorry if anyone is squeamish about that stuff, but I figure most folks reading this are "dog people" and dog deposits are fair game for dinner conversation! :-) Other than one small wet accident in the basement training room, there have been no accidents in the main part of the house. He's doing great about waiting till I take him outside! It's clear he has "held" it because just about as soon as his feet touch the gravel or grass, he goes.

Forgot to mention that he weight 12.9 pounds according to the vet scale this morning. I think there's a reason his nickname in the litter was "Moose"! :-) I've decided to switch him to a larger crate for sleeping tonight. The size Vari-kennel I used is actually a hair too small. So I'll be moving his wire crate from his play pen to the bedroom each evening. Thankfully THAT is still small enough to move easily. Good thing I still have my Rottweiler's crate, I think I might be needing it in the coming months :-) His daddy is 75 pounds, so I have a strong suspicion he will be at least that big.

He's eating quite a bit for his size and I've heard babies grow when they sleep. If that's the case, we might need a bigger house!