May 18, 2009

SO much fun!!

Dazzle is going to think life at home is really boring now! He has been having SO much fun at camp! On Saturday, we did a "spring egg hunt" (since it's past Easter time) and all the dogs did really well! Even Zoe a little pug that the owner thought couldn't find a treat dropped right in front of her :-) Even today (2 days later) Dazzle is checking the spots where eggs had been (even ones he didn't find during the game!) He really seems to enjoy using his nose, so I need to get to work on his tracking training when we get home.
Here's a few photos from the hunt:
Yup! There's one in there!
I LOVE this photo! "I think I see one mom!"
Yesterday we worked on camp clean-up including the burning of fallen branches. Dazzle was more interested in stealing the branches that were getting picked-up than in really helping. At one point, he decided he wanted the fire poker stick and actually stepped into the fire pit before getting pulled back! It was right after this photo was taken (his next step). Thankfully he didn't step into the hot part and Gayle was quick at pulling him away from harm. Thank-you Gayle!
Today was also a camp clean-up day. Dazzle tried hard to help move some piles of hay, but seemed more interested in burying himself in the piles! Every time I brought out the camera though, he stopped. I got these of his head barely in the pile, but at one point he stuck half his body in then rolled and was completely covered! Having a blast!
He must have run 10 miles today (at least!) along side and in front of the golf cart as we moved stuff around. He also did a LOT of running with the other dogs. I need to get video of that but haven't done it yet. But even when I knew he was really tired, he didn't want to stop. Just like a little kid, afraid he might miss something :-) But each time he did lie down, he would very quickly fall asleep, often without putting his head down. LOL
He also did a good deal of swimming and fetching things from the lake and playing keep away :-) I got a few nice photos of that. Last night I got a photo of him playing tug-o-war with 2 other dogs. The original photo is almost too dark to see anything, but the magic of editing allows for a view of what was going on. They had a blast ripping the toy to shreds :-) And in the end Dazzle ended up with it before Charlie decided to wear what wasd left of the toy around his neck. LOL I have a photo of that, but didn't load it to the blog.
He swims so strongly that his head is way out of the water! He's not touching the bottom in this photo:
He loved playing keep-away from Charlie
This time Charlie got it first! (again, not touching the bottom)
He glides through the water like an otter. In this one he was touching the bottom, but just barely.
Run! Playing keep-away with Charlie
The pile of leaves was almost as much fun as the piles of hay!
At the end of the day today, he seemed to really like this nest near the camp fire where he could chew on sticks and keep an eye on me as I made s'mores.