February 12, 2011

Dazzle is clearly bored!

30 min. of trotting on the treadmill and 45 min. of fetch is apparently not enough to alleviate the bordom.  Dazzle was whining in the other room and scratching at the floor, so I went to see what the issue was, thinking he had gotten a toy stuck behind something.  Well the ball was stuck alright!

He had REMOVED the vent cover (why and how I don't know) and dropped not one, but TWO balls down the hole!  Then, of course, he was OBSESSED with getting them back.  Thankfully we have a basement so the A/C vents are accessable. 
Had to send my husband to the basement to manipulate the venting so that the balls would roll back toward the vent where I could reach them from above. 

Is it Spring yet?  Is the snow and ice gone yet? Dazzle clearly needs to get outside more! :-)