June 08, 2011

95 degree day = water fun

It is too warm to do more than very short training sessions outside, so I took Dazzle to the lake today to practice his dock diving.  An officer stopped by and recognized his breed right away.  He stayed to watch and my husband and I enjoyed talking with him for a bit. I lost count of how many jumps Dazzle did, but he wasn't ready to leave when I was. :-) 

My husband took only the following 7 photos, one at a time (not in the order below) but they happened to work out into a progression series.  It only took him 6 shots to work out the timing with the digital delay and to get photo #4 below. Well done! 

After the photo shoot, I realized I hadn't extended the rod on the toy holder and he was jumping much better after I did that, but by that time my husband was wandering around the boat launch area a bit with his Beagle who also went for a swim.