August 21, 2011


I got Dazzle a sprinkler to play with.  I was afraid he would hurt his teeth on it (or carry it into the dog door) but so far it's been working out really well. He only pulled it out of the ground once.  I'm not too sure how much water he is ingesting though. 

I was having a really hard time with the damn digital delay on my camera.  I could have SUCH good photos if it would actually TAKE the photo when I press the button (such an antiquated concept apparently).  He was leaping really high through the water, but all I was getting was after the landing :-(. 

So I switched to video, but by that time he was getting tired.  I'll try video again when he's fresh, but I'm uploading what I took to youtube. 

Enjoy the very few photos that turned out ok:

Here are the types of photos I was trying to get (captured from video)