October 03, 2011

So helpful

This is Lilly.  We watch her when her mom is out of town.  This is where she typically spends a lot of time while she's here (on "cat watch").
Of COURSE the cat has her own room! :-)

It's even more exciting when the cat plays along too. The cat is smart enough to stay in her room when Lilly visits :-) I don't think Lilly would hurt her, but so does get pretty intense and I trust Splash's instincts.

As I was laying on my belly taking photos, Dazzle decided I needed help.  First, he shoved his head under my chin and did the wiggly body dance in front of me. Then flopped on his side and wagged his tail.  
"Hey!  I'M supposed to be the subject of all your photos!"

 Then he tried to lay ON me and then used his nose to try to "lift" me while making interesting play growl noises.  I asked him to lay down next to me which he did, for about 5 seconds... but then he did a complete roll over.  It started with his back against my side and ended with his feet doing gentle play shoves on my shoulder and hip.

When all that failed to do anything but generate laughter (and barking from Coyote) he decided that maybe what I needed was a toy, so he brought me one and dropped it on my head.  THANKFULLY it was just paper!  But when I didn't play with it, he took it back and shredded it... with his body blocking the photo :-)
So helpful... :-)