January 28, 2012

Week 4 + ice storm

Below are this weeks '52 weeks' photos and some photos from our recent ice storm. Thankfully it's all melted now, but we went from the ice to heavy rain and gail force winds. Already setting records for rainfall totals for January.

Iced Maple:
 Cold bird house:
 Permafrost bone: (dog bone on the patio in solid ice)
 Frozen Fence:
 Fence close-up:
Encased long grass:
 Mailbox handle:  (this was as far from home as I dared to venture)
 Pretty Pine:
 I think this is my favorite shot of the bunch:
 Looking up:
 Icy siding:
 Tree branch:
 Sparkling weeds:

The Interrogation:
The monthly challenge for the Facebook group was "Film Noir".  This is WAY different than anything I have ever done! I'm SO glad I recently bought a photo editing program :-) Had fun playing around with it.

I set this up in my basement using a shop light and put a ball right in front of him on the floor. He stared at it for quite awhile, then, as I knew he would, he raised just his eyes (waiting for me to say he could get the ball).

I changed the original to black and white (except his eyes) and added the "vingette" (black corners). I am SUPER pleased with how this turned out for my very first "film noir" photo! I just might have to do more of these :-)

To see it larger, go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scoutdogs/6747332419/in/photostream 
If you click on the photo on Flickr, you can see it larger and on a black background where the effect is enhanced.


I did this for this week's Flickr photo.  I visited several stores (& used Home Depot flooring samples) and had Dazzle lay down on multiple surfaces.  Used my new Paintshop Pro software (that I found on sale for 50% off!) to arrange the photos.  This one is definitely better viewed on black to see the kalidascope effect.
Click on the Flickr photo to see it on black.

Here is one of Dazzle showing him in position for the photo in the top left above.  I love his "Have you lost your mind?" expression.