August 06, 2012

Week 32

I can't believe it's AUGUST already!  Where has this year gone? 

We finally got a lovely weather day- not a cloud to be seen in the beautiful blue sky- so I took Dazzle to the lake for his official 4th birthday photo.  He was a champ staying in place dispite the fact that the lawn guys were there running the evil weed wackers. LOL

The challenge this week in the Flickr group was "Expression".  I knew it would be fun because Dazzle is SO expressive!  I set up the white sheet back drop this morning and got several great photos.



Annoyed: (Bear was trying to get on the white sheet too)


Dreaming of a game of fetch:
 Sleepy: (the hardest shot to get!)
This was my submission to the group:

As a reward for being a patient subject for portraits, I took him to the lake.

The water is so clear I got some cool shots of him swimming. I got video too, but it's not uploaded yet.