October 07, 2012

Week 40- Fall colors

Lots of photos this week.  I have gone out twice to capture the Fall colors, but they are not at their peak yet. 

This week, I got photos of Dazzle and one of his favorite Fall activities- Pumpkin carving

Of course he has his OWN carving ideas and style :-) Grab, rip, spit, repeat!

Happy dog! 

Just starting out with the carve

Photos from Friday...

Brookville Lake

"Fossil Hill"

VERY full pollen sacs

Fuzzy grass near some farm trailers

Don't know what these are, but they are so tiny!

Private dip
Photos from today (Sunday)

Patriotic barn

This was someone's yard.  Such a contrast to the other shots I got today.

Abandoned duplex

When I was walking toward this house, it shifted slightly in the high wind and a bit more glass from the far left window fell out and crashed.  I didn't get any closer!

When I got back to my van, I noticed this reflection
A different old structure, not far from the duplex, on the way to the lake.  We have been watching this one slowly crumble over the years.

Old door on the "good" side of the house.

A peek inside. You can barely see a door to a second floor room (center of the photo)

A door is easier to see in this shot

 A small structure, root cellar maybe?  Too covered in poison ivy to look inside

Fall colors = colorful trees and dry soybeans

A swing by a pond