November 30, 2012

Week 48

I have taken several Christmas photos this week.  Since I can't post them here, I'll post the links to Flickr.

The first shot is Dazzle being VERY patient, tangled in Christmas lights.

For the "not for dogs" group and my "inspired" collection, I chose something different from the photos I usually take.  Be sure to check out the inspiration shots too (in the description under the photo).  This was a challenging set-up and I wasn't able to figure out how to get the focal depth to be more than about 1/4" in manual mode, so I gave up and used auto.  I was able to get the area between the dragon's eyes and nostrils in sharp focus, but the rest was out of focus (in manual).  And the manual for the camera is not very helpful, so I'm doing a lot of trial and error learning. Good thing it's digital and not film!

 I also got some other shots I like:

Unusual sign/barrier around a handicapped parking spot:

Nice sunset through the trees:

And several shots of our Christmas tree and ornaments:
(Use the "older" button near the top left of the photo to see close ups of the ornaments)