December 07, 2008

2008 Christmas Photo

It took some work, but I got them all to stay and act kind of like they don't mind sitting so close together :-)
Merry Christmas everyone!
In the photo (L to R):
Dazzle (4 mo old Belgian Malinois)
Buster (12 yr old Cattle Dog)
Coyote (9 yr old Cattle Dog)
King (11 yr old blue tick Beagle)
Bear (5 yr old blue tick Beagle)
Abscent is Splash, the cat, who didn't want to act like she liked the dogs :-)
Now the X-pen gate is back up around the tree so Dazzle doesn't steal any more handmade ornaments. As I was getting the boys in place, I look up and he's across the room starting to chew on one! I was right next to the tree, how did he get it? Thankfully he came when I called and the boys stayed in position while I went to get it and while I put Dazzle in position. I had to use my flash to get enough light to keep the picture in focus, even though I brought up two big floor lamps and opened all the curtains, so the eye shine couldn't be helped.