April 23, 2009

9 months old today - photos

Dazzle is 9 months old today! I measured him and he's now just shy of 24" tall. He's healthy, happy and his training is coming along REALLY well. The 10" ball in the photo above is the same one I have used in past photos. He's now tall enough that it can fit under him with plenty of room to spare! It's hard to believe that when he arrived (just 7 months ago!), he wasn't even as tall as the ball!
I took some action shots of him today too:
To get the next two, I had Mike toss the ball while I took the photos.
In both, he's on his way to get the ball.
He is SO fast!
All that running makes a dog tired!
Well, not really :-) He had just finished rolling around in the grass when I took the one above, then he was up and ready to go again.