July 01, 2009

Videos and photos

I finally had a chance to edit the photos and videos from camp. Not many this time, but some good ones!
This is several Dog Scouts in full uniform. Dazzle is far to the right because the other Belgian "Grrr'd" at him and he was respectfully giving him plenty of distance.

This is a photo of the ribbons we won at the C-Wags event on our way to camp. It also shows the trophy we won at camp, but I have a better photo of that near the bottom. While at my parent's house for the C-Wags event, I took some portrait type photos of Dazzle. He's becoming quite the handsome dog!
I think he's smiling for the camera in this one :-)
At camp, the Steers (fellow campers) took some nice photos of Dazzle doing dock diving. Can you say "Flying Maligator"? A link to his Dock Diving video is below all the photos.
Patiently (or is that not so patiently) waiting for the cue to move!
I have no idea how far he's jumping, but it looks good to me! I'm going to enter him in a Dock Dogs competition in MI the Sunday following the July camp- wish us luck!
Another flying maligator! If his front legs were out he would look like "super dog!"
"Can you see my badges?"
Here's a close-up of the trophy. He did really well so I did feel like I was dancing with the star! We took 1st place in the "staff" division. Link to the video is below.
VIDEO: Dock Diving