October 27, 2009

Fall Colors

We went out the other day to get some photos of the Fall colors.  I think it was a few days past prime colors, but I still found some nice shots.
It wasn't the best lighting, but this is the best of the portraits I got. This was with a fill flash, but the light missed his face:

Here's another I like, but again lighting was an issue.  Fill flash was too much and without it made the harsh contrasts.  I was hoping the yellow leaves behind him would be a better "frame" of his head than it turned out.

Some pretty trees at the park:

Same park, at the lake:

The "prairie field" flanked by color:

Found this on a drive:

While I love the Fall colors, I don't like that it means winter is coming.  So I have mixed feelings.  If I had been thinking, I would have gone back to the dam where I took the picture of him that I used for the previous banner at the top of the blog.  I might drive out there today to see what it looks like.  But I'm guessing the colors are past prime.