October 29, 2009

It's been a year! (+ 1 month)

I have a note on my calendar that today is the one year anniversary of the day I brought Dazzle home at just 9 weeks old. But in looking at the dates on the photos, it was actually the 29th of last month. Oops!  So 1 year + 1 month :-) It's hard to believe how much we have done, how much he has learned and how many thousands of miles we have travelled in just one year!  I look forward to MANY MANY more with him!
Stroll down memory lane...
Stalking corn leaves blowing around the yard the first day home:

"I found some burrs mom"

Road trip to NY (he went to NY state with me twice and we drove to TX and back all before he was 15 weeks old!):

Hard to believe he was SO tiny!

He could fit easily on my lap!

Such big paws you have!

Photo collage of his growth:

What a face :-)

Practicing for the Dog Scout test at the TX mini camp:

Not fitting in my lap as easily anymore:

I have always loved his seemingly effortless and fluid trot!

He LOVES snow!  This was near Cleveland OH

Losing his puppy teeth! Some of his adult teeth were already in.

Another age progression collage:

His first title and ribbons/medals from IABCA (conformation):

Still trying to fit into his puppy bed :-) He really loved this bed!

His next title and ribbons earned were for AKC Rally Novice at 6 mo. old

He is SO fast!  He insists on a run (chasing the ball thrown with the chuck-it) every day, sometimes multiple times a day!

We tried our hand at herding and he did well, but I don't have the money for the number of lessons a herding title would take.

3rd place in the Amateur Division finals at a Dock Dogs competition- who knew! His longest jump was 17 feet 9 inches (measured at the spot where the base of the tail hits the water.)

He has certainly grown up to be a very handsome boy!