July 07, 2010

Agility run throughs

This evening we attended the Agility run throughs (an extra session this week).  I asked another, much more agile person, to run Dazzle through the course.  It's clear to me that I am really slowing him down and I don't want him to learn to run slowly.  When he ran with Sarah, he got so excited (having a blast!) that about half way through the course he flew off the dog walk and raced ahead to the weaves (one of his favorite obstacles).  The second time through, he did better and was FAST! 
He needs work on respecting the jump bars.  I KNOW he can jump much higher than 24" but I don't think he really tries because he knows he can be faster if he plows through the bar.  This is something I should be able to work on separate from running courses.  Once he understands that bars shouldn't be hit, I think he will really be a force on the agility field!
Friday/Saturday/Sunday we will be competing in Lure Coursing and Dock Diving (2 of Dazzle's favorite activities!) at the UKC Premier.  Hopefully we'll leave there with a few more titles!  I'll be going to camp directly from the show on Sunday though, so I won't likely get a chance to post about the show till we get home from camp.