July 10, 2010

New Title!

Today we again started with Lure Coursing and Dazzle did better on dry ground :-)  He has incredible intensity and tomorrow I plan to buy the photos taken by the lure coursing photographer of both today and tomorrow. Since I'm leaving from the show for MI, the posting of those will have to wait till I return.
Then we went to the Dock Diving and I thought maybe Dazzle was tired.  His first two jumps were 16' 3" and 16' 8".  Anything over 15' was still in the division I needed, so I didn't mind.  We did a bit more browsing of the vendors between that Splash and the next and had time for a nap as well (him not me).  I think the nap must have helped because his next jump was 18' 4"!  That was a new personal best.  Yet he broke that record and jumped 18' 10" the second jump!! 
To get the title, he needed to jump in 5 "splashes" (rounds) and each Splash has 2 attempts.  The best distance from those two attempts are recorded as the dog's "score".  So his scores for his title are:
17' 10"
17' 9"
17' 7"
16' 8"
18' 10"
So now he can add USJ to his list of titles!
I bought the photo disk of photos taken by the Dock Diving photographer (John Beals Photography).  Here are some of his shots:

Tomorrow, we'll go to do one more lure coursing run for the title.  Because the "non-sighthound" titles are so new, there's a good chance Dazzle will be the 1st Malinois to get one!   Then we head north for a week of Dog Scout camp!  Happy Dog