December 11, 2010

UKC Agility Show

Dazzle has a new title to add to his collection UAG1 (level 1 Agility).  He finished the title with a 2nd place ribbon and score of 196 out of 200.  Only lost 2 points for a crooked dogwalk entry or exit (not sure which) and 2 points for entering the table on the wrong side. Sorry, no photos or video.  I had entered twice for level 1 just in case, but ended up scratching the second level 1 run since I didn't need to stress my knees for it.

We tried twice for level 2 Q's, but the darn weaves got us both times.  I have concluded it is the actual weave set that is the issue since he doesn't have an issue with other weaves.  It's an old spring base set (spring base required in UKC) and the poles are all leaning different ways.  Dazzle kept skipping the poles that were leaning into his path.  Another issue may be that I think they are 20" spacing instead of 24" between the poles but I'm not sure on that.  So I have given up on the level 2 Q.  That's 6 tries so far (this show and the last show) and it's been the weave poles all but 1 time.  The one time he got the weaves last year, he took down a jump bar.  I was told that I CAN have someone else run him as long as it's not a "professional" handler.  So if he gets the level 2, that's how it will have to happen.  And it will likely be somewhere with a better set of weaves.  Since so few places around here have UKC agility, that's why I said it's likely he won't get that title.  Oh well, plenty of others!