December 26, 2010

Christmas photos

Gift opening happened Dec. 23rd for the dogs because our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve with a semi-traditional Ukrainian Vigil Dinner. Which is followed by gift giving.  I knew it would be too chaotic to have 4 young kids and 5 dogs all opening presents in the same small room.  So the dogs got their presents a day early. :-)

Coyote started in on his (he's a gift opening pro):

Then Dazzle got started:

He made short work on the shipping box I used:

Once he had it pried open, it didn't take long:

Instead of getting the toy out, he chose to continue turning the box into confetti:

Coyote was still working on his:

 But it didn't take long. I used a lighter weight box for his:

Buster needed a bit of help, but got out his new Antlerz chew:

After he got the rope toy out, Dazzle started in on his second gift

 A Skineez! The dogs really like these stuffing-free toys:

King got his out with help from his dad:
Dazzle got a Jumbo Himalayan Chew which was supposed to last a long time, but he had it crunched up in about 10 minutes.

Too much excitement... I need a nap

Dazzle discovering the chew:

What's in there Bear?

It's a Skineez!   He's not as interested in the toys, but he liked the chew bones

Official Christmas photo by my parent's tree (left to right: Bear, Dazzle, Buster, King, Coyote):

Are you SURE all the toast is gone?

Dogs in the temp yard at my parent's house. My parents shoveled out the fenced in area and cleaned off the deck so Bear wouldn't be buried in the snow :-) The snow that is in there now was what fell just before we arrived and then during the visit.

We're done, can we come in? I had no idea just how often the dog door at home gets used!

Dazzle is obsessed with basements (where we train at home) so if anyone got close to the basement door, he would run over.  Sometimes he just sat in front of the door looking hopeful :-)

My husband left this morning with 3 of the dogs to get back home, but I'll be staying up here till next year.  It has been a great Christmas! I hope everyone reading this also had a wonderful Christmas holiday.