January 05, 2011

camera phone photos

I'm back home and trying to recover from a cold and sinus infection.  I took some photos with my phone while I was visiting family and I finally figured out how to get my photos off my phone and onto the computer.  So here are a few from the past year.

 Dazzle playing with his girlfriend at camp this past summer (yes, her head is in his mouth):

Trying to get as sandy as possible:

Sleeping with his ball (he does this all the time):

Two of the wonderful folks at Home Depot that built the base for Dazzle's new exercise wheel (I'll get video of Dazzle on it very soon. I just got home a few hours ago)

Where do I sleep? Dazzle is a bed hog

My Niece put the arm rest cover on Bear's head.  He really loves her, but wasn't so sure about his new headwear. :-)

And some from my camera:

How to drive a ball obsessed Malinois crazy- a ball inside a ball inside a ball. He worked on this puzzle for a LONG time!

I took pity on him and removed one of the inside balls and he was happy to get the orange ball on the inside:
 Didn't matter that it was still inside the other ball :-)

Another photo of Bear. He was so adorable I had to get my camera:
Bear found a good place to take a nap:
 Bear, are you comfy?
"I was till you woke me up"