January 27, 2011


While I love the wheel and still have him use it from time to time, I was concerned with his position on it.  He wasn't moving normally (more like a hunched weight pull position) which I don't think is good for long duration.  So when I saw an ad for a used dog treadmill at a price that was too good to pass up, I couldn't pass it up.

We started slow and for several short duration sessions, but during the past week he has really relaxed on it, especially in the trot.  I put together a video montage of a session today so you can see the warm-up, slow motion of his trot and cool down.

VIDEO: Treadmill Workout

Bear and Coyote have been on it, but only for treats.  Bear walks to get the treat, then stops and rides it to the end, then trots up for the treat and stops his feet while he eats.  Kind of cute.  Coyote can't see where he's going and he knows there's a drop off on the end, so he's walking very carefully, expecting to fall off the end any minute.  I think with practice he would get it, but he doesn't really need the exercise and doesn't seem to enjoy being on it.  Buster got on it today, but I didn't turn it on for him.  Just let him walk the belt and then helped him off the end.  Dazzle seems to enjoy it just for the joy of the exercise and as you can see at the end of the video, he doesn't want to get off of it!