April 30, 2011

Dock Diving

SO nice of the weather to be PERFECT for the Dock Diving event today!  Dazzle had a great time playing with new friends, swimming (and swimming and swimming) and jumping off the dock. 

"What do you mean it's not my turn yet?" 

Here's a photo of him waiting for his turn to jump.  The end of the dock they were jumping off was behind the blue slide (no, the dogs didn't get to use the slide :-)
There was a nice lady there who took over 700 photos of the nearly 40 dogs that were there and those photos will get put on-line.  I'll share those once they are available.  She said she thought she got some good ones of Dazzle.

It was held at Presnell Plantation (1 sq. mile of property!) which is a VERY nice place, set up for multiple activities.  There was a bow hunting competition going on near where we were too (they were not shooting our way).  I think it might be a working farm as well.  Not sure, I only saw a small part of it as I drove in. But the lake where we were had a little cabin that was very well maintained.  It was not an "official" dock, but it worked just fine for practice.  I heard a rumor the owner might be considering the installation of a competition dock!

Dazzle had several practice jumps before they started the competition (only 2 "waves" (rounds)). Each dog gets 2 jumps per wave and the longest distance of the two is the one that counts.  Dazzle's jumps were:
(Wave 1) 16' 3" and 18' 3" (his best of the day!)
(Wave 2) 13' 6" and 15' 0" (he was clearly tired by the time we got to wave 2 :-)

All in all a GREAT day!  And I now have a tired dog! Thank-you Indy Dock Dogs!