April 27, 2011

When will the storms end?!

I have not slept in my bed since April 16th!  ELEVEN nights of thunderstorms so far. :-(  Since Dazzle doesn't like thunder and he gets a bit snippy with the other dogs, we keep the dogs separated during thunder.  Dazzle has never bothered Bear though, so Bear also gets the special treatment (as he pretty much insists!) 

I have basically been living in the office and back half of the house since the 16th when the string of storms started.  I even ended up moving a mattress into the office!  This way I can keep the TV on and drown out some of the thunder for Dazzle.  As you can see, the dogs LOVE the idea! I woke up in a pretzel position trying to sleep around the dogs last night. :-) 
We have had record rainfall for the month so far and according to the weatherman, we will have nearly 13" of rain by Thursday (28th) when they say it might actually take a break for a few days!!

Thanks to the high winds, we have some damage to the house that also needs to get fixed and so much rain has blown in the dog door we have wood starting to rot!

Have I mentioned how much I really hate strong storms and tornado warnings!  I am SO ready for the calm warm days of summer!