November 13, 2011

New title!

Dazzle and Sarah

Dazzle adds another title to his list!  The day started with the Standard course that he and Sarah did perfectly!  Of course, I totally flubbed the video.  I was told yesterday that the short leash we were using so that Sarah could ball it up in her hand was not long enough.  We were using it to try to keep it out of his mouth at the start.  If he was able to grab the leash, he would proceed to play tug and not let it go.  But the AKC rep did say I could hand the leash runner a different leash after Dazzle got started.  So I was concentrating on that job and not the video work.  When I realized I was missing the run, I accidently hit the power button instead of the record button!  By the time the camera was ready to record again, I only got the last three obstacles.  Oh well! 

His Jumper With Weaves run was a whole nuther matter!  He got frustrated at the start and then skipped jump 3.  Sarah got him back to it, but then he crashed jump 4 (the double), then after jump 5 he went off course to jump another jump (and took that one out) instead of turning to jump 6.  And that's when he got pulled. 

Other than class on Thursday and practice runs on Friday, I'll be putting my focus on Obedience in prep for the December trial. But it will be interesting to see what effect, if any, pulling him off the course has. My guess is that it will make him more careful, but we'll see!