November 12, 2011

No Q's today :-(

Today was a bit shorter day.  Our runs were scheduled for 3:45p and 5:40.  The trial was only slightly behind schedule, but we arrived in plenty of time. 

Dazzle was kind of rushed getting into the ring for standard though because the dog ahead of us crashed the tire at the 2nd jump on the course and that ended his run sooner than expected (thankfully he wasn't hurt). 

It only took a very brief time to get it repaired, but that wait on the start line plus seeing his leash get picked up off the ground frustrated him a bit and in his excited, non-thinking state he tried to leap the first jump instead of adding a stride in front of it.  He didn't make it and took out that jump- NQ. 

But the rest of his run was really nice! :-)  I didn't get video because I realised I didn't have the video camera about the time I was handing Sarah the leash to get him in the ring. 

His JWW course was VERY nice!  He was under control, thinking and being careful about the bars.  However, he got just a hair too fast on the final line and... you can see.  We missed the Q by literally a 1/2"!! 

Hopefully, tomorrow he will be able to Q for at least one of the titles, preferably both! :-)

Here is the view from his crate area:
Over 300 dogs entered in the trial!  Thankfully they were not all in the building at the same time :-)