April 13, 2012

Week 15

We had a challenge this week on the Flickr group- a photo that expresses "jpy" without the need for an explaination.  I thought about a water photo, but in the end decided to do a running photo since that IS his favorite joy :-)

Working alone, I had to figure out a way to get him away from me so that he would be running when he passed in front of where I was sitting on the ground.  So I set up a jump about the middle of the yard and was sending him to my right to the jump and then throwing his ball to my left.  This caused him to zoom past me :-)  but also gave me time to get the camera up and ready after throwing the ball. Based on where I threw the ball, I could control how far away or how close to me he ran since he made a straight line from the jump to the ball.

Here is the result:

This was another photo I really love from the photo session.  But I didn't think it looked as joyful as the one above.

For the facebook group, I wanted to do something different.  We had SUCH a beautiful sky on the day I took these and I thought it would look good in the reflection. This was the photo I chose from the group (turned 180 degrees from the original)

This was how the photos looked originally.  I tucked a ball under the end of the mirror to get him to look down.  But then I had to wipe drool off the mirror between almost every shot!  I like the clouds in this one, but it didn't look as good when flipped and I liked the way the flipped one looked, so I picked that one. 

I wrangled Mike into helping me with another photo shoot this week because I needed a photo for a handout.  I'm helping a blind friend with a conference for first responders regarding "dealing with service dogs".  I helped write the handouts for her and she wanted some photos of working dogs.  So off to the mall we went to get photos of Dazzle pulling the wheelchair. 

Not sure if it's been too long since I have had him do this or if Mike's presence was throwing him off or if I have been using power scooters too much, but he wasn't wanting to pull. Poor Mike, he's so tollerant! I did a little remedial training while Mike went to get a cell phone issues resolved. 

I put the camera on "continuous" for him and once Dazzle was again pulling, I had us go past Mike while he just kept the shutter pressed.  Good thing I had a 16 GB card!  LOL  I had a LOT of photos to delete, but I did get some good ones and used the one above on the handout.