April 25, 2012

Week 17

I had no idea what I wanted to do this week for our photos. Until I looked out the front window yesterday and saw the field of sparse winter wheat calling.  Given Dazzle's reaction to the soybeans seen in this video from 2009: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-xv6_IeAFg) I had a feeling he would like the wheat too.

The field is normally planted for soybeans or corn and the wheat is so sparsely planted we didn't do any damage to it. At first I thought it was just the weeds growing up, but they are too evenly spaced and look like short wheat stalks. I'm sure it will be harvested any day now because all the other fields around us are already plowed and planted. Since it was all soybeans last year, it should be corn this year.
When I saw this photo, I thought it was just calling for a quote.
So I added one I made up

I picked this one for the Flickr group. I love his smile and muscles and pose.

This was the best close-up I got as he was zooming around on his own.

I love this one too, but his smile kind of blends into the background.  I did lighten that area of greenery, but it wasn't enough.

For this (and most of the shots) I had him on a stay to my left, then threw the ball to my right and released him from the stay which caused him to go bounding past me :-)

This was almost my pick, but when it is enlarged, you can see that the focus is actually slightly in front of him so he's very slightly out of focus.  In this photo he is on a stay after I threw the ball. Frozen like a statue watching the landing point till he hears the release word.

Some parts of the field were deeper than others :-)

Pouncing on the ball. The wheat and weeds are sparse enough that he had no trouble finding his ball. Only the green parts are wheat, the yellow is various weeds. 

This one just makes me laugh!  He was zooming around and I think he was checking in to see if I still had his ball.

Blooper!  More zooming on his own and I wasn't quite fast enough with the panning.  Too bad because I really like the focus on this one.
It's a really beautiful day today, but storms are predicted for 2am.  :-(

UPDATE: The storms went through around midnight and dumped a LOT of rain and hail but we are fine. The winds were driving it right against the back of the house so it piled up in the corner.  VERY loud against the windows!

I took this at dusk as the clouds started to roll in

Also took a few photos of Splash just for fun

I tried to get one of her in her favorite pose (on her back, watching us from upside down) but they were either out of focus or her eyes reflected the flash badly.