May 02, 2012

Week 18

One photo from last week shows what we have been working on lately:
I taught him this trick to help improve his heel position.  It will strengthen and stretch his neck as well as teach him exactly the head position I want.

I even got a very short (9 sec.) video clip of him doing this behavior:

I started out this week with a specific idea for a photo based on a one I saw on facebook and this was the result:

I also headed to the lake and got some photos I like:

"Are you comin' mom?  Geez, you're SO slow!"

 But I ended up using this one for the Flickr group:
There has been a series of REALLY loud storms that have gone through and as I type this, another storm cell is sitting over us and not moving. :-( 

This is not one of my better photos, and I had another set up in mind for this week, but it captures a moment that hasn't happened before.  Dazzle hates thunder and usually shakes and pants and tries to get inside my skin.  But I recently got him some alprazolam from the vet and it has worked wonders!  He is able to stay calm and even sleep during a storm if I get it into him about an hour prior to the first rumble. But it doesn't "knock him out", just makes him relaxed. I really wish I had gotten this stuff sooner for him. 

In the photo, he's looking out the window as the storm cell moves off.  We are working on "thunder = treat" because the meds also give him the munchies. :-) So even though he's not normally a dog that likes treats (and sometimes doesn't bother to eat a meal) the meds make him very food motivated.

This storm has pushed the limits of the meds though in both duration and volume.  He was laying across my lap and panting as it sounded like the thunder was happening on our roof (along with the hail).  SO glad that storm finally moved on!  It dumped over 4" of rain!! More predicted for tomorrow :-(

While out for a drive, I came across a place called Casey's Outdoor Solutions.  It's a landscaping company that has several really nice displays.  I couldn't resist stopping in to take some photos.  I also thought some of these would look good with a particular form of processing (not sure what it's called, but I like it!) :-)

Different kind of processing on these

And some normal color ones too :-)

These smelled lovely! I think it might be what we had near our front door in TX

Zero processing on these red flowers.  It's straight from the camera, not even cropped

And then, not wanting to pass up a photo opportunity while I had some time to kill, I looked around for something to photograph. I found some lovely roses near the shopping center.
This was the natural color!  So bright it's hard to look at.  I tried to tone it down, but couldn't get it to look right, so I ended up leaving it as is.