September 08, 2012

Week 36- going with Dazzle's choice

I had other plans for this week's photo, but when we went to the lake, Dazzle gave me a shot I just couldn't resist using. I kept coming back to it and I now have it as my desktop photo because I like it so much.  We were near the boat ramp and Dazzle's attention was caught by a low flying bird making squeeky toy noises (thank-you bird!)

We were at the lake as a reward for him, but also to get some photos for the Facebook photo challenge group.  The challenge was "You put a chair where?"  Shown are: On the dock, middle of the road, on the tracks and in the water.  I wanted the water one to be much deeper, but the boat ramp was extremely slick and this was as far as I dared go out.
 Of course when Dazzle got OFF the chair, he kicked it backward, so I had to go farther out to get it. I was sure I was going to end up on my butt in the water!  I did consider sending him to get it, but didn't want to risk it getting any deeper.  I made sure that for the dock photo, he stayed in place till I could hold the chair because I was afraid he would knock it off the dock and I'd never see it again!

There were two other chair shots I didn't end up using.  I love the flower shot, but the bright yellow played havoc with the camera's sensors, so I had a really hard time getting the right focus and lighting.  Had to do a lot of processing on it.

For this one, there was a great patch of light coming through a break in the trees that offered natural lighting.
Best comment on the chair shots was "Green chair and ham"  LOL

Below is the idea I originally had for this week for Flickr.  It's just a test shot in the yard, so not the nice location I had planned.  I found that I'll need to hold an umbrella or have it in the shade so that the sun is not reflected off the camera side of it.  It's also not as clear of a globe as I was hoping for, but I guess you get what you pay for. :-) I turned this photo upside down.