September 26, 2012

Week 37 & 38

Been busy!  Fell behind in blog posting again, so here are photos from both of the past weeks

Playing around with shadows

Dazzle has been having a really bad time with allergies this year.  I heard ragweed has been especially bad this year and many people as well as dogs are having a hard time with whatever is going crazy in this area.  He has been chewing his tail so much he has made it raw.  It's been two weeks since I took this photo of him sleeping in protest of the muzzle while I tried to let the sore dry out.  But his tail is still not good.  I think I'm going to have to go to the vet for something more powerful.  It's currently wrapped, but he's still obsessed with chewing it.  So much that he has chewed off a big patch of hair :-(

On the 14th, I got up early to head to Columbus for a seminar.  Since I'm rarely up before dawn, I took advantage of it and got this "morning mist" shot

Dazzle and I headed up there for a Denise Fenzi seminar (that was awesome!), but I agreed to pick-up an attendee from TX at the airport.  Her flight arrived just before 11am, and the seminar didn't start till Saturday, so we had most of the day to kill.  We decided to go to the Museum of Natural History.  It was nice, but kind of small and a big part of it (the historic village) was closed because of a fair going on.  The museum had several "photo op" spots that I took advantage of...
 While setting Dazzle for the above shot, I overheard a passing teacher reply to a student in the school group, "Yes, that dog IS better behaved than all of you!"

This looks like a "study in shades of brown" :-)

Dazzle spotted this squirrel and was sure it would move at any second!  He stared at it for quite awhile. Dazzle was moving around and trying to get it to move.  Then when it didn't, he looked up in the trees to find its friends :-)

Another photo op location inside a restored trolly

There were several old cameras on display, along with how they have recorded history and historical moments.  But all of them were under/behind glass. Trying to get a photo without light glare and reflections was nearly impossible.  This was the only shot that turned out.

One of the funnier things we saw was this "peace pipe" in the shape of a dog.  I guess it's kind of hard to stay mad at someone when you see them sucking on a dog's ass?

Since the museum didn't take long to tour, we had time to visit the rose garden (a different location, but not far from the museum).  The online info said we should have seen the peak of the blooming season, but I think it had already passed.  I did get several shots of roses I liked though. I also got this photo of Dazzle near the fountain.

Baldo Villegas


It did rain on us a bit, but this "rain" is from a sprinkler

I didn't know pine trees came in a verigated variety, but this one was really pretty! Called Dragon's Eye pine.  Looks like porcupine quills, but much softer :-)

My favorite rose of the visit- George Burns FL

This one had many different shades of pink on a single plant, making each flower look different.  Magic Carrousel

Since the woman I met at the airport had gotten up at 4am for her trip, she wanted to go back to the hotel to relax.  I ended up going and getting some dinner that I brought back to my room to eat and relax for the evening.

The next morning started early and the seminar ran from Sat-Mon.  So much to learn, even though this was the third time I had attended this instructor's seminar. Dazzle waiting for his turn. 

Week 38

I spent some time playing around with my camera settings and finally found the settings I need to get focused action shots!  I'm SO excited! 

I was putting Dazzle on a sit and then tossing the ball toward him for him to leap up and catch as I fiddled with the settings.  I did still manage to get a few shots I love!

And a blooper!  The ball is mid-air between the camera and Dazzle here.  Kind of speaks to what is often on his mind though :-)

I thought his face was cute in this one

For the 52 weeks, I wanted to get Dazzle with the corn harvesting combine, but the rain has prevented the harvest.  So I decided to get a mirror shot instead.  I love how this came out and I call it "portal into the country"
Maybe this week I'll get the combine shot, but given that rain is predicted through Thursday, probably not.
On Sunday, I attended the Strutt your Mutt event to help run the event.  Dazzle stayed home because I knew I would be busy and distracted and I wasn't sure about the temperatures. 
Turns out that after a chilly start, it was a beautiful day for the event! 

This is a memorial near the event site

If the river gets up to 60', a lot of people are in trouble!

I just love this house!  Wouldn't want to have to try to maintain the gardens, but I think it's beautiful. And it has a great view of the river.