August 24, 2008

Week 3 puppy update

A little news from the puppy page...

The pups are growing fast and already have their eyes open and are responding to sounds. They have been started on Wellness meats dog food with some additions of fish, broth and tomato sauce. Based on the photos, they are really lovin' it! They are eating out of what looks like a frisbee, so a good first positive association with the disk. :-)

They are climbing out of the whelping box to find their mom when she leaves to take a break, poor mom! and are wrestling and playing with each other. The breeder will really have her hands full! They seem to be a pretty vocal bunch. My dogs started barking when they heard all the pup sounds (but they usually do bark if they hear a dog on TV or the computer, then they have to run outside to make sure the dog isn't out there :-)

There are 6 females and only 3 males. The breeder hasn't put collars on them, so it's a guess as to which pup is which at this point, but they are all adorable! She has the names picked out as you can see on the photo page, but hasn't assigned them to the pups yet. From what I understand, she has paired the names with the buyers, but doesn't yet know which buyer gets which pup. So it might not be till 8 weeks that the names get assigned.

If you look at the photos at the bottom of the puppy page, they are separated into groups by week. You have to click on the first photo in each group separately to see the photos in that group.

That's all I know for now, check back often (at least once a week) for updates. I'm going to be visiting Sarah and her new pup on Wednesday and I can't wait!